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The CEO With a 100% Offshore Team


The CEO With a 100% Offshore Team

May 10 /


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Hear from Charles McKay, CEO of a thriving agency, who has 100% of his team located offshore in South Africa and India.

Charles and Aimee discuss this all-in approach to outsourcing, covering essential setup considerations, such as managing conflicting timezones and cultures, and monitoring performance within a global context. Learn about the top online tools and software used to drive success.

Hear how this unique company structure brings benefits not only to suppliers and clients, but also on a personal level, promoting the highly sought-after work/life blend.

Show Notes

[3:51]  How to structure your team to be 100% offshore
[6:28]  South Africa as a source of offshore talent
[7:43]  India’s recovering reputation towards a collaborative workforce
[8:22]  Staying sane with conflicting timezones
[9:56]  Key deliverables and information input for quality output
[11:53]  Essential online tools and software when you are high growth and 100% offshore
[15:17]  Work/life blend
[16:37] Business results
[18:00]  60 hours ‘on-the-tools’ vs 4 hours ‘on-the-tools’
[18:27]  How to train offshore writers and creatives to understand Aussie culture
[20:52]  Subjective vs. data driven creative
[22:56]  How Charles’ business solves problems for clients
[26:55]  The human element of offshoring and WTF moments
[28:52]  When the shit hits the fan you need your suppliers
[31:15]  Staking a claim with thought leadership and inbound content
[33:48]  Aimee & Charles don’t believe in ‘brules’

Online tools and software mentioned in this Episode:

Google Apps
Panda Doc
Hubspot https: