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Training Tips Revealed by Filipino Real Estate Trainer


Training Tips Revealed by Filipino Real Estate Trainer

Jul 10 /


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Hear about offshoring from a different angle. Get a unique, behind-the-scenes look at Real Estate offshoring with Filipino, Lamey Vega, a top Real Estate Trainer in the Philippines.

Lamey, Senior Account Trainer at Beepo, was part of the pioneering offshore team for Rental Express in 2013. Lamey shares her unique, step-by-step insights into the best-practice onboarding and training of offshore staff employed to work with Australian Real Estate businesses.

Discover how training is designed to overcome any hurdles, including developing an understanding of Australian Real Estate legislation, terminology and jargon.

Show Notes

[1:43] Pioneering offshoring for Real Estate industry
[4:19] Client reactions to offshore staff
[9:02] Crucial training in Australian Real Estate concepts
[11:48] Aussie slang – when ‘snowed under’ isn’t referring to the weather
[12:59] Walkthrough of the first two weeks of Real Estate training
[15:22] The first tasks to get started with an offshore Real Estate team
[18:23] Defining best-practice processes for successful offshoring


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