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The Outsourced Superhero Myth


The Outsourced Superhero Myth

Jun 26 /


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Learn how to build a business, not a job, capturing that entrepreneurial spirit to drive a lean, scalable operation.

Our guest Carl Taylor, began hiring staff overseas when he was only 16 years old. Carl discusses results-focused communication, delegating with less words, and common offshoring mistakes you can avoid.

Discover why the superhero factor could be sabotaging your success, before you’ve even begun.

Show Notes

[3:17] Don’t be naive when approaching offshoring
[5:48] Running lean to meet market demands
[8:56] Using offshoring to build a business, not a job
[10:25] The offshoring superhero factor
[14:45] Why the Philippines fits with Australia
[18:42] Delegating with less words, more visuals
[20:53] Desktop video tools
[23:07] Offshoring mistakes and how to avoid them
[26:00] How to recognise when you’re overpaying your freelancers
[27:43] Hiring practices and skills testing

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