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Security & Quality When Outsourcing


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Hear from Matt Garrett, who leads a large offshore team, discussing the critical questions business owners have when considering outsourcing offshore. Matt gives first-hand insight into factors such as business continuity, geographical implications, data security and privacy protection practices in the Philippines. Matt and Aimee draw practical comparisons between Filipino and Australian talent pools, and the differences in drive, motivation and culture. Get educated on the risk-factors you may need to consider.

Show Notes

[01:19]   Perceptions of the Philippines workforce
[2:17]   The strength of English as a language in the Philippines
[3:42]   How senior management skills in the Philippines compare to those in Australia
[7:58]   Frequently asked questions from business owners looking to offshore
[10:27]   Security, privacy and data handling in the Philippines
[14:36]   What drives employee satisfaction and motivation
[17:03]   Advice for businesses looking to get started with offshoring
[21:08]   How to nurture the work ethic and passion of Philippines staff