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Introducing Offshore Staff to a Real Estate Business


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When Sonia’s Director told her it was time to hire staff in the Philippines, it was a bit of a shock. Sonia and Aimee have a no holds barred chat about the natural questions that arise when introducing the idea of outsourcing offshore to your local team. Am I going to lose my job? Sonia details how her team started with offshoring and, how they reviewed and improved their accounts processes to increase efficiency. She also shares her strategies for being direct with offshore staff, creating clear structures and plans, especially in the early days. Get practical do’s and don’ts that work for any industry, not just Real Estate.

Show Notes

[1:30]   Acknowledging shock as a natural reaction to offshoring
[3:39]   Managing uncertainty amongst your local team
[5:00]   Tasks your Real Estate business can move offshore
[7:39]   Improving internal accounts and admin processes to increase efficiency
[8:15]   Why having a back-up person is important in your Real Estate team
[11:34]   How your local team will benefit from outsourcing
[14:53]   Top tips for Property Managers considering outsourcing
[19:06]   Building trusting relationships with your offshore staff