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Evolving Business & Evolving Outsourcing Models


Evolving Business & Evolving Outsourcing Models

Aug 21 /


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Learn how to break down geographical boundaries across a whole business, experimenting with different outsourcing models and embracing wins and failures.

Toby Jenkins, Olympian, author and co-founder of a web strategy consulting firm, has spent upward of 7 years testing various outsourcing models for his business. Toby and Aimee discuss the need for balancing face-to-face interaction and the digital environment when dealing with high-trust, high-ticket clients.

Hear tips on how to take the next step if you’re feeling trapped in your current outsourcing model, or when your business is evolving and your offshoring model needs to follow suit.

Show Notes

[3:29] Defining output and mastering the brief to reduce costs
[5:38] Managing complex vs simplistic outsourced tasks and roles
[10:15] Experimenting with different outsourcing models
[15:20] Benefits and downfalls of an agency outsourcing model
[19:19] Project Management tools to manage from a distance
[23:02] The need for face-to-face interaction in a digital landscape
[28:39] Changing outsourcing model to suit business evolution
[31:07] Breaking out of current outsourcing model when you’re feeling trapped
[33:38] Balancing the digital environment for high-ticket, high-trust clients
[35:35] The highs and lows of business partnerships
[38:26] Free marketing resources and templates


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