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Tips For Offshoring Successfully


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Nigel Beaman shares his experiences in managing a 200-strong offshore operation and his key strategies for successfully establishing and maintaining an offshore team. Hear about the quality your business can expect. Nigel and Aimee discuss how to manage cultural differences and ongoing quality control, including tried-and-tested strategies for successful induction, onboarding and coaching of your offshore team. This episode will give you an armful of useful strategies and tips for a successful start to your offshoring journey.

Show Notes

[1:30]   You don't need a lot of experience with offshoring to get started
[3:09]   The skills and education levels of offshore workers
[4:44]   Cultural arrogance limiting Australians utilising offshore workers
[5:16]   The types of tasks and roles that you can offshore
[6:44]   Reasons you should look towards offshoring in your business
[11:20]   Top tips for managing cultural differences and your offshore staff
[16:58]   Nigel’s own WTF moments
[21:15]   How offshoring benefits regional Australian businesses
[29:50]   Key tips for establishing offshore outsourcing