Tips For Offshoring Successfully

Mar 06 /


Australia is in an ideal position to utilise offshore outsourcing centres, but if only we can move past outdated cultural stereotypes.

In this episode, Nigel Beaman, Principal Consultant with LEADCI chats with Aimee Engelmann about his four months experience managing a large outsourcing operation in the Philippines with more than 200 staff.

Instead of a ramshackle approach one may expect from a developing nation, Nigel said he was surprised at how well educated and experienced many of the staff he was working with in the Philippines were.

“We need to overcome the ignorance of not appreciating that there are people that do this; that there is a methodology to it and that there are companies that specialise in helping you get offshore.”

During this chat, Nigel provides listeners with valuable top tips for successfully outsourcing aspects of your business operations.


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