Cultivating Your Offshore Team

Mar 06 /


Matt Garrett accepted a role managing an outsourcing centre in the Philippines with pretty low expectations of the quality of staff he would be working with. He saw it as a challenge and now laughingly admits that his expectations were “waaay wrong”.

On his first day at the outsourcing operation run by an Australian company, Matt said he found himself face-to-face with a highly educated staff who had a strong command of the English language and whose skills and qualifications would rival many of Australia’s senior industry leaders.

Matt, who has 25 years’ operational and management experience, said one of the keys to developing enduring relationships with Filipino staff was simple; understand what drives them – family, food and entertainment.

In Episode 3, Season 1 of The Office Corner, Matt explains to Aimee Engelmann, that if you can understand and cater to this for Filipino staff, you will have a dedicated, hard-working team.


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