CFO Spills the Beans ROI for Outsourcing Offshore - Episode 11
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CFO Spills the Beans: ROI for Outsourcing Offshore

CFO Spills the Beans ROI for Outsourcing Offshore - Episode 11

CFO Spills the Beans: ROI for Outsourcing Offshore

Sep 06 /


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Delve into outsourcing offshore for a busy finance department, with a straightforward look at the key tasks, staff qualifications and processes that are needed to drive success for any CFO or Finance Manager.

Katrina Tocco, qualified CPA, has 5 years experience outsourcing finance tasks to the Philippines, refining processes with game changing ROI for the business.

Katrina and Aimee cover everything from accounting in the cloud and staff headcount, through to local staff reactions. Learn about task handover, from simple processing to detailed financial analysis and KPIs that directly benefit the bottom line.

Take away honest, practical insights and ideas that can be implemented in any Finance department.

Show Notes

[2:08] Outsourcing’s impact on Australian headcount and staff perceptions
[4:21] Step-by-step finance training from a distance
[7:02] Finance tasks to outsource offshore
[8:45] Offshore accounting qualifications and experiences
[9:50] Bank account management and security with offshore staff
[10:40] Accounting in the cloud
[12:38] Philippines vs. Australian finance staff
[16:07] Freeing up time for detailed financial reporting
[17:36] Outsourcing ROI and hitting operating KPIs
[18:15] Measuring operating efficiency and other business metrics
[20:23] Offshore staff retention


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