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The CMO’S secret weapon


The CMO’S secret weapon

May 29 /


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Chris Melotti, CMO of the Year, knows the intense pressure that comes with juggling the conflicting time and budget restraints of content marketing.

Chris and Aimee discuss critical issues that drive marketers towards outsourcing offshore, including the huge amount of routine tasks, and how offshoring can add manpower without blowing the budget. Discover essential online and mobile tools for connecting local and offshore marketing teams.

Learn best-practice strategies to get an offshore marketing team up, running and successfully supporting big-picture marketing initiatives.

Show Notes

[1:52]  Naive reactions towards offshore professionals
[4:07]  Growth mindset for tackling offshoring fears
[4:25]  Real Estate agency size affecting offshoring mindset
[6:00]  Redistributing marketing tasks for outsourcing offshore
[8:00]  Tips for handling change management with your local marketing team
[11:56]  Increasing job satisfaction and reducing attrition
[14:25]  Best practice training of offshore staff
[18:56]  Top online and mobile tools for success
[21:42]  Key drivers for marketers considering outsourcing offshore

Online tools and software mentioned in this Episode:

Skype –
Zoom –
Snagit –
Memo Mailer –
Voice Memo/Recorder – Inbuilt on Android and iOS devices