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Nailing the Niche Play with Offshoring


Nailing the Niche Play with Offshoring

Jun 12 /


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Learn how to stay profitable and competitive in a narrow, niche market, without compromising on quality.

Hear from Chris Green, founder of two niche organisations that needed to stay competitive when cheaper, lookalike companies started to challenge their market share.

Chris shares frank, often-confronting insights into the differences in work ethic, culture and challenges across the USA, Ukraine, India, and the Philippines and its popular offshoring regions.

Discover the pros and cons of freelancer and BPO offshoring models. Plus, learn how to train offshore talent while simultaneously creating one of your most valuable pieces of IP.

Show Notes

[1:47] Controlling quality, security, cost and reliability with a freelancer network
[3:47] Pros and cons of freelancers in USA, Ukraine, India and Philippines
[6:13] Using professional, offshore talent to support your niche
[9:38] Staying competitive in a niche market
[11:06] Conquering challenges, before offshoring vs after offshoring
[13:30] Ideas for building company culture and people
[16:41] When your offshore team upskills your local team!
[19:05] Top tools for making a ‘playbook’ your most valuable piece of IP
[20:44] Security when offshoring, especially in the financial services sector
[23:46] Deciding which offshore model is right for you
[25:52] Considering regions when looking at BPOs in the Philippines
[28:10] Understanding work ethic and the cultural strength of family in the Philippines
[31:07] How to support Filipino staff in their unique challenges, without being the rescuer
[34:28] Using time tracking software to monitor productivity


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